Forms of Address

In conversation

The Administrator is addressed as “Your Honour” when speaking to her for the first time and subsequently as 'Ma'am,' pronounced with a short 'a,' as in 'jam'. 

Mr O’Halloran is addressed as “Mr O’Halloran” when speaking to him.

In reference to

The Administrator is referred to and introduced to others as “Her Honour the Administrator, the Honourable Vicki O’Halloran”.

In written material; for example, newsletters and programs

“Her Honour the Honourable Vicki O’Halloran AO, Administrator of the Northern Territory”.

Salutation in formal correspondence

“Your Honour” NOT “Dear Your Honour”.

Arrival and Departure at Events

When the Administrator and/or Mr O’Halloran are attending an event, they are to be met on arrival of the official vehicle and escorted to the event. The Administrator is to remain in the company of the host or a representative of the host until engaged in conversation with others.

At the conclusion of a function, the Administrator will be escorted by the host to the vehicle for departure.

The Administrator is to be the last to arrive and the first to leave.

Attending / Attended by

The Administrator will normally be attended by her Official Secretary, a staff member or one of her Honorary Aides-de-Camp (ADC). The name of the person attending with the Administrator will be provided to the host organisation.

Seating Arrangements

For dinners and luncheons, the Administrator is seated to the right of the host and Mr O’Halloran to the left. Host organisations should always introduce other guests to the Administrator and Mr O’Halloran before assembling at the table.

For presentations and aisle seating, the Administrator should be seated to the right of the host and as close as possible to the centre aisle of the front row.

The staff member or other person attending the Administrator should be seated where he or she is able to see and be seen by the Administrator, but not at the official table.

Speeches and Media Interviews

Requests for the Administrator to make a speech should be made when the invitation is issued. Speeches delivered by the Administrator are subject to advance consultation with and approval by the Official Secretary. The Administrator uses a lectern for formal speaking engagements and a fixed microphone should be provided where necessary.

Media interviews are also subject to advance consultation with and approval by the Official Secretary.